Time Gentlemen Please - Baz Hamblin

Posted on September 16, 2021

Todays talk, the first in 2021, turned out not to be as we all expected.

Indeed, not only was it about Time, but all aspects of Time in the broader sense.

This very interesting talk related to the rotation of the earth, the seasons and the calendar etc.

Clocks and time recording machines through the centuries and time differences around the world were all discussed.

Fraud - Ashley Jones MBE

Posted on October 7, 2021

We were visited today by a member of the South West Organised Crime Unit.

On this occassion no one was under any suspicion of wrongdoing……Ashley was giving a presentation on fraud and how we can avoid being a victim.

There were 4.4 million reported fraud cases in England & Wales in 2020.

£7 billion was lost by ordinary people due to fraud.

80% of all fraud is preventable.

An enlightening talk, aided with a slide presentation, gave us all food for thought.

“If it seems too good to be true………..etc etc”


Floriography - Brian Fish

Posted on November 11, 2021

Brian gave a thoroughly interesting talk, accompanied by slides on Floriography and also various other subjects, including the East Brent Harvest Home which is the oldest in the country having begun in 1857.

He also illustrated the Sand Sculptures (where they use some 5,000 tons of sand to create unbelievably detailed sculptures)

His talk included much talk about flowers, illustrated by photography describing their meaning through the ages.

The quality of Brian’s photos was fantastic and illustrates his very professional approach to the subject.

Brian has given excellent talks to us before and today’s was no exception.

West Country Canals - John Montacute

Posted November 18, 2021

John Montecute gave a thoroughly detailed and interesting talk on the canals in and around the west country. some of these were begun way back in the 1700’s and were used for transporting goods (especially coal from the local coalfields). Unfortunately many are no longer in existence.

Those that are, are supported by an army of volunteers, notably the Tiverton Canal on which a horse drawn barge carries tourists on a wonderful trip up the canal.

This was a thoroughly detailed and interesting talk